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Absolutely Brilliant

Fantastic animation, and effects.
Unless I'm just reading too much into it, this is not a story to be taken literally. It makes a statement about certain aspects of love, especially commitment. It dives deep into the psyche, showing that we often get caught in our darkest presumptions about those which we (attempt to) commit to. Showing that when we come to unsupported assumptions, we can end up only throwing away those who love us with the greatest of intentions.

5/5 10/10.
Keep up the good work.

Jesus Ass-hole Eating christ!

I loathe the story, but you really made it look bad ass! The animation in this is phenomenal!

Phobotech responds:

Fuck yeah, dude. I'm ready to blow this animation away with LFLF. It is way, way, way, way, way, way, WAY, way, way overdue. >:D

HOWEVER. If we have any hopes in being featured, that means we gotta start rummaging around the Audio Portal now for viable replacements. I hate to say it, but that means no Army of Anyone.

I had the idea of releasing an alternate soundtrack easter egg to this in the future...y'know, with the copywritten original music I intended to use. We can do the same for LFLF. But the hunt begins now.


I love this. I love it a lot... So much... The only madness submition I gave a score higher than a 0 to. Voted 5. Keep up the good work.

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This was fun

i rarely play games on newgrounds, but when i started playing this, i couldn't stop.

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For making this song...

I have to tell you, you're a wonderful person. I love this song. And I love you.


it's a good listen. and maybe dickass (Phobotech) will write me some lyrics and we'll see if we can't get some vocals added to it. keep up the good work! hope to see more!

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